In ongoing data representing 19 patients with an average age 90.6 start date 8/05/2021 to 5/23/22
utilizing TGUARD™ both QD and BID, one nursing home facility reported a nearly 50%
(58-30) reduction in the ordering of urinalysis based on symptomatology, with the number of
those meeting McGeer’s criteria for UTI dropping to 3 over the same time period. The CASPER
UTI Reporting for the facility from 3/1/17 to 7/31/21 demonstrated an average national ranking
at 85.3%. This dropped immediately to 59% after TGUARDTM was initiated and maintained a
sustained 20% reduction in UTI reports over the next 9 months. It is important to note that this
reflects federally mandated facility wide UTI reporting and reflects only a small percentage of
the total residents that were deemed most vulnerable who initiated the TGUARD™
supplementation program.

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