At Tyrian, we certainly believe in the appropriate use of supplements, however, realizing
potential healthcare savings is not just our opinion but the findings of an economic report
released by the CRN FOUNDATION. CRN is a nonprofit organization managed by the Council for
Responsible Nutrition and they conclude that the U.S. could see billions of dollars in savings by
investing more in targeted nutritional interventions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 75% of the
nation’s healthcare spending is for people with chronic conditions – a large amount of which is
preventable, yet the U.S. invests less than 3% of total healthcare expenditures on prevention.

The report, “Supplements to Savings: U.S. Health Care Cost Savings from the Targeted Use of
Dietary Supplements, 2022-2030,” should be a “wake up call to American healthcare policy
makers,” according to Michael Meirovitz, director of government relations at CRN.

Click below to read the full cited article.


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