All of our products utilize freeze dried aronia berry as a vital ingredient. This process, while more expensive, provides a much higher quality result than other methods.

Freeze-drying, also known as lyophilization, is a process in which water in the form of ice under low pressure is removed from a material by sublimation. This process has found many applications for the production of high quality food and pharmaceuticals. Spray drying while being cost effective, impacts quality and nutritional retention. This results in powders that have low density, compressibility and poor powder flow. Additional excipients are required to add bulk and to aid processability.

The freeze drying method retains perhaps the most important element of the aronia berry- the skin. Our brand is built on a base of integrity. We encourage you to try our products for yourself and notice the difference first hand. You will note that TGUARD™ does not fully dissolve in water since we employ the freeze drying process. It is a small inconvenience that hosts a massive list of pros by providing whole berry in powder form. Our mission as a company is to deliver the highest quality and innovative products, and this is one step that sets us apart from the rest.




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