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Polyphenols are micronutrients found in plants. Various polyphenols have high  antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and there is a growing body of evidence that they play a vital role in our health. By maintaining levels of polyphenols within your system you can improve your health and protect your body against excessive oxidative stress. Research has even shown that people who regularly consume higher levels of polyphenols have increased longevity.

Nutritionists would recommend that you get your polyphenols and antioxidants from a diet rich in real foods such as fruits and vegetables. We completely agree. You are not going to supplement your way out of a poor diet. Unfortunately, most of us do not maintain adequate levels from our diet alone. All of our products use the whole berry from Aronia without adding  sugar, and also contain polyphenols from elderberry and cranberry, some of the richest sources found in nature.

First, the formulations at Tyrian were not quickly put together. Tyrian products were formulated over time by a physician. Research was reviewed on which ingredients should be included and how these ingredients would work synergistically to keep you healthy. 

Second, the best ingredients were sourced specifically for each of the many benefits. Tyrian products are a sound investment for your health.

D-Mannose works best when used in amounts supported by clinical research and when paired with the right polyphenols. Specifically, polyphenols rich in catechins. We have formulated TGuard™ with the right ingredients in the appropriate amounts to support your urinary tract health.

Report any side effects to your doctor, and to the FDA, as soon as possible. You can reach the FDA at (800) FDA-1088, or go to www.fda.gov/medwatch to report a problem.


The ingredients in TGuard™ have been shown in clinical research to do two things: First, they bind to the surface of UTI causing bacteria, preventing the bacteria from attaching. This allows the bacteria to be flushed out in the urine stream and eliminated from the body. Second, TGuard™ helps to disrupt the formation of biofilm, a matrix that bacteria create to shield them from the effects of antibiotics.

Yes. We are proud that all of our products are manufactured in a FDA registered facility and according to Good Manufacturing Practices, (GMPs). These rigorous practices impose higher standards on dietary supplements than GMPs applied to conventional foods. Dietary supplement GMPs include thorough requirements for identity testing for all ingredients as they arrive at the manufacturer’s site.  Manufacturers must qualify their suppliers before receiving goods, incoming ingredients must be quarantined until their identity is confirmed using scientifically valid methods of analysis, and all components of dietary supplements must meet specifications established by the manufacturer regardless of where the ingredient was sourced.

Neither TGuard™ nor TCore®  contain chemical preservatives.

Yes!  We sourced all natural ingredients in the formulation of TGuard™ and TCore® . All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Both TCore® and TGuard™  utilize high levels of Aronia berry which comes from freeze drying the whole berry into a powder. Nothing is taken away except the water!  Freeze drying the whole fruit is expensive, but it is also the best way to preserve the most nutrients and fiber in a convenient form.  TCore® and TGuard™ were founded on the simple ideal of using the best of the best ingredients in the right amounts without fillers or gimmicks.


The ingredients in Tyrian products work together to amplify their individual health benefits. Here are some examples: 

The polyphenols and D-Mannose in TGuard™ have an additive effect in disrupting bacteria. 

Regarding TCore®, there is improved absorption of polyphenols through the inclusion of MCT oil, also the core immune support stems from multiple directions ranging from feeding the good bacteria in our gut to immune modulation from vitamin D and natural beta glucans. 

At Tyrian, our products are derived from real food and natural ingredients. Since ancient times, we have known that food is medicine, and that eating diets rich in plant-based nutrients is the best preventative medicine. We combine that time tested wisdom with current clinical research to provide you with the very best of both!

Yes!  We believe that nature has already provided us with a nutritional powerhouse and have proudly grown Aronia berry on our farms for over a decade. In this way, Tyrian can ensure that only the highest quality berries make it into the finished products. 

Yes! Aronia is the worlds #1 superfruit, containing the highest recorded levels of polyphenols and anthocyanins of any fruit tested. That is why Aronia is at the core of all of our products.

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